Budapest Buddhist Summer School 2013


  Buddhist Thought and Practice

Open Gate: Study Buddhism with Authentic Teachers - Welcome to our Summer School!

14st July - 14th August

The Dharma Gate Buddhist College is organizing a summer school in Budapest, Hungary. The event is the second part of a series of Budapest Buddhist Summer Schools to take place every summer. Every year we invite renowned exponents of Buddhist  thought and practice to teach their particular traditions. Teachers and students are welcome from all over the world.

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Our respected teachers in 2013


Ven. Khammai Dhammasami - 15th - 21st July

Lectures on Southeast Asian Buddhism (15th -16th)

(1) Buddhism in Myanmar/ Burma: History and Practice
(2) Theravada Buddhism and Centralization and Modernization of Thailand in the 19-20th century 

"Discourse on Mindfulness". Vipassana meditation course based on Satipatthana-sutta (Discourse on Mindfulness) - for people with or without Vipassana meditation ("insight into the true nature of reality") practice.

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Professor Graham Priest - 15th - 17th July

"Introduction to Buddhist Logic"

15th July - Nāgārjuna

16th July - Catushkoti

17th July - Tathatā

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Professor Joanna Jurewicz - 15th - 17th July

"Early Buddhist and Vedic Thought":

15th of July - Vedic roots of the Buddhist similes

16fth of July - Internal contradictions in the Vedic and Buddhist thought (joint lecture with László Fórizs)

17th of July - Dialogue and Debate between Brahmins and the Buddha

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Professor Maurits Kwee - 22nd - 24th July

Join Professor Maurits Kwee in the 3-day long interactional course of Psychotherapy by Karma transformation.

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Zoltan Cser 25th - 28th July

Join Zoltan Cser the second level Vajra dance instructor of the College introducing the participants to this ancient Dzogchen tradition. 

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Lama Tony Duff - 29th July - 11th August

Hinayana and Mahayana seminary according to Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche's teaching system

The course will feature meditation and meditation instruction combined with teachings. Lama Tony will pass on teachings on the sutra level of Hinayana and Mahayana that he personally heard from the incomparable Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche who taught it to his students as a basis for the Buddhist journey. During the retreat, Lama Tony will also lead a meditation instructor training for people who know how to meditate and need to have a sense of how to relate to students they are teaching.

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All programmes will be held in English with Hungarian translation.

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 - One lecture (Ven. Dhammasami, Professor Priest, Professor Jurewicz): 25 €

 - One complete day (except for the retreats of Ven. Dhammasami and Lama Tony Duff): 50 €


 - Lectures on Buddhist Thought (3-day package from 15th to 17th July): 120 €

 - Discourse on Mindfulness with Ven. Khammai Dhammasami: 200 €

 - Psychotherapy by Karma transformation. with Professor Maurits Kwee: 120 € 

 - Vajra dance with Zoltan Cser: 140 €

 - Hinayana and Mahayana seminary with Lama Tony Duff: 250 € (or 150 € for the respective weeks)



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We welcome all to participate and enjoy this colorful international Buddhist event in the friendly garden city environment of the Buddhist College in the 9th district of Budapest at 11 Börzsöny Street.

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